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NEW from STARFIRE Displays.... update displays from The WEB.

  • It is now possible to update Starfire Display messages via the internet. If you have a WEB Page that updates, you can send this information to the sign. Now you can keep employees or customers up to date, simply by tapping into your WEB site.

  • News, Sports, Stocks, Weather, Company information etc. Send it out to one or many displays, automatically.

  • CALL PCM for more information. Custom applications are a STARFIRE specialty. Connect to PCs, PLCs or AC inputs. Just tell us what you need.

  • Click on the links below for photos and more details on STARFIRE Displays.
  • For more information on your specific needs, please call or e-mail us today.

  • STARFIRE Factory Applications
    Employee Communications .... Fault Indicators .... ANDON
    Production Status .... Critical Value Monitor .... Traffic Management

    STARFIRE Specs
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    STARFIRE Photos
    Outdoor 2000 .. .. Outdoor 3000 .. .. Outdoor 3400 .. .. Outdoor Multi-line
    Indoor Multi-line .. .. Custom Curved .. .. Outdoor .. .. Time / Temp .. .. Airports